Welcome home, Alexander Charles!

My goodness, baby boys with curls..

After the usual back and forth VIA e-mail, I met with Meaghan and Kyle the first week of July. Surprisingly, and to my delight, I did not have my patience tested, waiting for a client to give birth. While getting to know Meaghan, she explained how quickly (and early) her first son Ryan was born. Three weeks prior to his due date, Ryan's birthday was full of tolerable contractions (Meaghan assumed they were false labor given their strength) and a relatively quick delivery, having been born just hours after walking through the hospital's doors. Meaghan's due date this time around was August 19th. So for the last month I have been staying close to home, stalking my phone eagerly waiting for the call that she was heading to the hospital early, and that I should head over as soon as possible.

The week before Alexander made his debut, Meaghan had more than one bout of false labor. This kept everyone on their toes, ultimately leading her OBGYN, Doctor Somers, to make the call to induce on the evening of Monday, the 13th.

As with all inductions, I knew well enough to expect a few hours of super slow progress. But much to all of our surprise, Meaghan didn't really start to progress until after 9am the next morning. Poor Meaghan ( and Kyle!) didn't sleep at all the night before Alexander arrived, healthy and happy, after a slow and steady climb.

Alexander Charles Wright entered this world at 12:58pm on August 14, 2018.

20 1/4 inches and 7.3 pounds of beautiful little man. Did I mention the curls??

After a successful, and quite calm, golden hour, Alexander was whisked off to the nursery for his first check up. During this time, Meaghan's Mother, Virginia, and first son Ryan, made their way to the hospital. I took a small break to eat and waited for Meaghan to be transferred to her recovery room. By 4;30pm Grammie Virginia, Ryan, and I were allowed in to visit.

I knew Meaghan and Kyle hired me to be the eyes for all of their family members who could not be present for Alexander's birth. But just as important, they wanted me to capture the big firsts, including the look on Ryan and Virginia's faces when seeing Alexander for the first time. Boy, Virginia did NOT disappoint, especially when Meaghan took off Alexander's hat to reveal all of his beautiful hair.

I snapped as many images of Ryan and Virginia with baby Alexander as I could. So as not to overstay my welcome, I captured Kyle, Meaghan, Ryan and Alexander in their first photo as a family of four and left the newly expanded family to enjoy their first day together.

It was a pleasure witnessing the growth of their family, and I am so proud to share their story today.

Thank you to Wright family for allowing me to play a tiny role in such a big day in all of their lives.

Happy Birthday, Alexander. Welcome home.

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